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"I was always honest with the artist. We'd go one day at a time. Instead of promising everyone big deals, I'd be honest with them... I always reminded them: 






Founded in 1980, Black Rose Records began when Al Cocorochio signed Bert Paquette and the New Gamblers.  Inspired by the music and legends of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, Cocorochio named the label after Elvis' favorite flower: a black rose.  As the label continued to sign new talent, The Boston Rockabilly Music Conspiracy (B.R.M.C.) heightened the label's reputation, gaining airplay on major radio. For the past thirty years, the label has continued to thrive, signing over forty artists and releasing musical projects spanning the genres of Country, Rockabilly, Blues, and Rock n Roll.


Black Rose Records specializes in Booking, Distribution with Select-O-Hits (previously with Rounder Records), Transport, Production/Co-Production, and Recording with Dimension Sound Studios and the legendary Thom Foley.





EMAIL:          al@blackroserecords.net
PHONE:        (781) 233-8654
ADDRESS:    114 Hibiscus Drive, Ashland City, TN 37015