Alabama Frank lived in Cambridge, MA. He played a lot down in the subway stations. He was one of the kindest men you could meet. He would do anything for you and that’s why so many musicians came forward and played on his CD. Sadly, Frank passed away, but will never be forgotten. He had that 60’s guitar sound down perfectly. 

Band Members:
Alabama Frank: Guitar
Pierre “Clint” Surfwood: Guitar
Jim Scoppa: Guitar
Bob Stanton: Guitar
John Marasco: Guitar
Johnny “Volcano” Simeone: Bass
Pat O’Malley: Bass
Bobby Mack: Bass
Kit Dennis: Bass
Mark Eaton: Bass
Richard “Elvis” Malcome: Drums
Brian Cutler: Drums
Artie Seles: Drums
Forest Padget: Drums

Sir Cecil Exquire: Drums
Angel Valverde: Piano
Wayne Power: Piano & Hammond B3

Tim Obetz: Pedal Steel Guitar
Tony Marino: Accordion
Tom Jesser: Harmonica
Bob St. Pierre: Saxophone
Paul Ahlstrand: Saxophone
Chance Gardner: Vocals
Ruby Mason: Vocals & Background Vocals James Owens: Background Vocals Dorothy Clark: Background Vocals
Greg “Wildman Memphis” Deyermenjian: Vocals Alabama Frank: Background Vocals
Joe Nova: Background Vocals
Mike Revan: Background Vocals