Alabama Frank and the Hot Cottage Band

Excerpt From:
Soundcheck Magazine
Issue 82
January/February 2004

The Amplifier
Alabama Frank and the Hot Cottage Band: Euphoric Recall
By L.A. Joe

First song sounds like some kind of Hawaiin krappe. It’s got a number of instrumental cuts but with or without vocals, there are lots of old favorites. Due to the instrumentation and the super clean guitar sound, it’s a bit “surfy” if you will.  Remember “Wipe Out”?  “Blues Man” has some fine blues harp playing (that would be harmonica to the uninitiated).  And hey, how about the theme from the old “Jack Gleason Show” name of “Melancholy Serenade.”  Big one on my list, but I jest.  It’s a decent bluesy sorta band pulling songs like Tijuana Brass “The Lonely Bull” out of their bag of tricks;  another toe tapper what with that exciting vibrato on the guitar.  Bottom line, the four of them and six friends who sat in on a few cuts are probably having a ball and couldn’t care less what one foolish reviewer has to say about them.  Surf on under the sky of blooz.