Boston Rockabilly Music Conspiracy - Get Goin’

Excerpt From:
October 10, 1996

Rock Record Reviews
Boston Rockabilly Music Conspiracy - Get Goin’
Black Rose (1003)
By Joe Tortelli

The Boston Rockabilly Music Conspiracy is based in a city unconnected to the development of rockabilly, but the Beantown quintet shakes off regional stereotyping on this 14-song album.

“Get Goin’,” the lead track, sets the groove with its boogie-woogie piano, steady rhythm section, and pointed Carl Perkins/Scotty Moore style guitar riffs.  One of four tunes composed by bassist John Tate, “Get Goin’” is catchy, contemporary rockabilly that transcends its influences.

Instead of covering the most familiar rockabilly hits, B.R.M.C. selects rarer gems like Ray Sharpe’s “Linda Lu,” Hank and Eddie Cochran’s “Tired and Sleepy,” and Jimmy Pritchett’s “That’s The Way I Feel.”  Pianist Vic Layne uncorks his Jerry Lee Lewis piano-pumping and vocal pitches on “End Of The Road” and “Milkshake Mademoiselle.”  The band offers enthusiastic, authoritative interpretations of these and other classics, avoiding the trap of slavishly copying the originals.

That’s what Get Goin’ is about:  A northeastern, urban band of the ‘80s laying claim to a southern, rural tradition of the ‘50s.

(Black Rose Records, 24 Central St., Saugus, MA 01960).