Cold Cold Heart

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Cold Cold Heart

It’s a long road from Nashville to New England where Cold Cold Heart plies its trade.  In a region not known for Country musicians, CCH takes a love for the genre, adds a Rock edge and a lot of experience to form its own brand of Alternative Country.  Not content with merely following the latest Nashville trend, the band forges and identity of its own as expressed through original songs and tasteful covers, moving into the future while never losing sight of the past.  This is the sort of honest music that grows from stony soil rather than cowboy country.  Still, in it’s from the heart approach to the material, CCH creates “something country”.

The songs on their new CD “Prides Crossing” tell the story better than words can.  The train station motif of the artwork and the recording’s title are apt metaphors for the heart’s crossroads and on the eve of its second anniversary as a performing unit, the group, with this release, finds itself at a turning point in its career.

In November 1996, guitarists Joe Hannigan and Charlie Ortolani met with drummer Carl Berman to conceive what would be named Cold Cold Heart (after an old Hank Williams tune).  Although the three veterans of the New England Country and Rock scene had shared stages with such stalwarts as Charlie Daniels, Willie Nelson, Marshall Tucker, Patty Loveless (and more) in prior incarnations, they had decided to try a new formula in order to pursue their shared musical vision.  The completing element of the equation was added two months later when Charlie introduced John Tate, vocalist/bassist and fellow alumnus of BRMC (Boston Rockabilly Music Conspiracy) to the group.  The new band went on to establish itself as a popular live act in its own right through nightclub and concert performances throughout New England.

Having established a musical persona through performance and the songwriting process, the band further defines itself with the release of its first CD.  Taking its diverse influences and love of Country, Cold Cold Heart arrives with “Prides Crossing”.