Liz Lannon Band – Blues Party

Excerpt From:
Northeast Performer
Independent Musician’s Resource Guide
Vol 9 / Issue 8
August 1999

Recorded Reviews
Liz Lannon Band – Blues Party
By Karl Russo

11 Track CD
Released on Black Rose Records, Tapes and CD’s
Recorded at Powerhouse Studio, Ayer MA, Room Nine, and Prophet Sound, Stoughton, MA
Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Chris Lannon at Prophet Sound

The Liz Lannon Band’s style is simple and effective – standard, straight forward blues with a rockabilly feel. Nothing on this recording will amaze, butBlues Party does what it’s supposed to and it will satisfy with its own smoky bar blues personality.

Blues Party gets off to a slow start until track four, “Rollins.”  This brief instrumental consists only of Hammond organ played by Ken Clark.  The track is entirely improvisational and acts as a good transition to the up-tempo “Built For Comfort” and the remainder of the disc. From this point on, Blues Party is fire-packed with aggressive gritty blues, while still keeping its simplicity.

The record closes with a classic blues number entitled, “Sittin’ And Drinkin’,” an acoustic ditty about ending a relationship and drowning the sorrows with booze.  And one would imagine that when it comes to the blues, there is no better way to end a record.