Sweet Potato: What’s New

Excerpt From:
Sweet Potato
Vol. 13 / No. 15
June 8-15, 1988

What’s New
By Seth Berner

“T.H. & The Wreckage is another band, like House of Joy, I was prepared to write off based on the cover. Born to Rock is as mindless a name as I can think of, a foreshadowing, I thought, of the bombast a band called the Wreckage would engage in.  Surprise, the album (Black Rose Records, 24 Central St., Saugus, MA 01906) is so good that if I put together a best-of Boston list, this will probably be on it.

Tom Hambridge and his three buddies are spiritual, if not actual, disciples of Nils Lofgren – some bluster on the surface (“Bad Mood”), but underneath is innocence and sincerity.  Born to Rock is nicely subdued without the pounding, screaming and/or metal solos I had been dreading.  The songs are mostly about girls, Lofgren’s usual stomping ground, but Nils hasn’t put out an album this good in ages.  A real sleeper here.  T.H. & the Wreckage play in Portland occasionally, and Born to Rock has me interested enough to catch an upcoming act.”