T-Model Ford and Andre Williams

Excerpt From:
Blues & Rhythm
The Gospel Truth
Issue No. 190 / June 2004

T-Model Ford and Andre Williams
Edinburgh, 30th April
By Phil Wight

[The] headliner was a man I never thought I’d see in Edinburgh, R&B legend Andre Williams.  Unfortunately, although Andre vocally was in ace form and seemed to be enjoying himself enormously the band in support (who he introduced as the ‘Greasy Grills’) were totally unsuitable.  A two guitar, keys and rhythm five piece, they were a rock outfit who played every number at outlandish volume and their drummer seemed determined to reduce his kit to a pile of scrap, such was his pounding.  It’s a pity as their lead guitarist had some nice touches and seemed capable of playing the good stuff if given the chance at a listenable volume.

Andre opened with ‘Proud Mary’ and his set included ‘Hostile, Docile and Agile,’ ‘Bacon Fat’ and ‘Mustang Sally.’  He also sang that song with the disgusting title that my modesty precludes me from mentioning (oh go on Phil); ok it was ‘Pussy Stank.’

What really surprised me was the fact that the venue (The Liquid Rooms – a slum that should certainly be condemned) was packed, mostly in the twenty to early thirties age group.  Apart from the two principals, from what I could see of the audience I was certainly the oldest one there.  They lapped it up, but I don’t know whether if was a couple of hundred stray blues aficionados bussed in or the fact it was a Friday night and it wouldn’t really matter what the music was.  Once the beer that was being swigged in copious quantities or the dope that was being smoked had taken hold I suspect the majority of them wouldn’t have cared who was on stage!

So, it was worth venturing out on a damp night just to see T-Model and Andre, well it was worth it just to see him in the flesh so to speak!