Bill Rauworth was gaining a reputation with this band, and I got a call from Steve who said that I had to see it. Watching him play was exciting; he played the blues with emotion and feeling. We became friends and he asked if he could put his CD out on Black Rose Records, to which I was happy to say, "Yes, you can! Welcome to the Black Rose family." He released to albums with Black Rose Records.

Band Members:
Bill Rauworth: Guitars & vocals
Tom Jesser: Harp & piano
“Silvertone” Steve Coveney: Electric & slide guitars
Kenny Krumbholz: Bass guitar
LeRoy Pina: Drums

Special Guest:
Lee West: Electric guitar

Recorded at Regis College Weston, MA.
Engineered by Gary Stoddard
Produced by Bill Rauworth & Tom Jesser




All songs written by William Rauworth. Rights held by RAW SOUND MUSIC. *

*excepting tracks 5, 8, and 9
Rights held by Silvertonia Music ASCAP.
"Snow Falling" and "Don't Let Your Mouth Make Promises" written by Coveney, Jesser, and Rauworth.
"Busy All Day" written by Coveney and Rauworth.