So, now, about this band. I already knew Silverstone Steve and LeRoy. I was managing a club in Lynn, MA and I had a show on New Year’s Eve. Well, the artist that was supposed to play that night ended up in the hospital and Steve brought in Brenda to front the band. Long story short, she was amazing. I couldn’t believe what a great voice came out of this petite body. She captured the audience and didn’t let go. Right then and there I knew I was going to get her into the studio. Not only is she an amazing singer, but also such a great person. Brenda and I do keep in contact. These days, she might get up with a band to sing a song, but not often enough. 

Band Members:
Brenda Francis: Vocals
“Silvertone” Steve: Guitar
Danny Kirby: Bass & vocals
LeRoy Pina:Drums

Recorded at Northeast Sound Studio
Produced by The New Hawks & Gary Smith