Brewer Phillips started out playing with Hound Dog Taylor, but the first time I met him, he was playing with Cub Koda. He worked with the early Blues players, but his most notable performance was in the original Houserockers with Ted Harvey. They were one of the first bands to be signed to Alligator Records. You had to hang with then to appreciate how funny they were and hear all the stories they had to tell. I met them through Ron Bartolucci and couldn’t believe I was hanging with legends. As time went on we became great friends and both of them recorded for my label. Sadly, Brewer passed in August of 1999. He was supposed to appear at the Boston Blues Festival in September where he'd receive a lifetime achievement award. It was my honor to go on stage and receive it in his behalf. 

Band Members:
Brewer Phillips: Guitar
J.B. Hutton: Guitar
Hound Dog Taylor: Guitar
Bub Koda: Guitar
Ted Harvey: Drums
LeRoy Pina: Drums
Mike Allen: Piano Louis Myers
Mark Harris