John Tate, Charlie Ortolani, and I go back to the days of Boston Rockabilly Music Conspiracy.  For this project, they even called Vic from the old rockabilly days to play piano, but the rest of the musicians I met after the recording. I knew that this project would be great, because John is a perfectionist in everything he does. John is also a talented graphic designer; we still correspond every once in a while. 

Band Members:
Joe Hannigan: Guitar, organ, mandolin & vocals
Charlie Ortolani: Guitar, bass guitar & vocals
John Tate: Bass guitar & vocals
Carl Bergman: Drums & percussion

Additional Musicians:
Bill Holbrook: Pedal steel guitar
Danny Tessier: Fiddle
Vic Layne: Piano

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Cove Studios Lockport, MA.
Produced by Joe Hannigan
Recorded by Doug Brown
Mixed by Joe Hannigan, Doug Brown & Lou Orlando