First I want to start by letting everyone know that Cub Koda was with a group called Brownsville Station. He was the co-writer for the big hit song “Smokin’ In The Boy’s Room”. That was the original version, covered by Motley Crue in 1985. I met Cub through Ron Bartolucci and we quickly became friends. At a McDonald's in Malden, he asked me if I wanted to release his record on Black Rose Records. I told him that I would be honored - and we honored that McDonald's agreement. All he wanted from me is to buy him 4 cheeseburgers. I will never forget that day. He had previously released the album on New Rose Records in France. The rest of the band I met later. Cub was from Detroit, MI and passed away in 2000. 

Band Members:

"Let's Get Funky"
Cub Koda: Lead vocals, guitar & piano
Slick Vic: Electric bass & string bass
Per “Casper” Hanson: Drums
Mike Hayward: Second guitar on side one of album
Jimmy “Squaw” Norris: Saxophone On “Henrietta”
The Swamptones: Background vocals





Cub Coda