I first met Elijah at Frank’s Steakhouse in Arlington, MA where Preacher Jack would perform. As we became friends, I learned that he was a freelance writer, vocalist, and musician. He wrote for the Boston Globe as well as other newspapers and asked if he could do a story on me as I was celebrating the 20th anniversary of Black Rose Records. I was honored and invited him to my home. When he saw what I had, he immediately called the Boston Globe to have them send a photographer. I have to say it excited me to get the attention, but in my mind it was just me being me and doing what I loved best: music. A few months later, Elijah told me that he had a CD ready to go and asked me if he could put it on my label. I knew the musicians that were on the CD, so it was easy for me to say yes. Elijah still performs and writes; he has several books available for purchase.

Band Members:
Elijah Wald: Vocals & Guitar
Robbie Phillips: One String Wombat Bass
Matt Leavenworth: Fiddle And Mandolin
Paul Geremia: Harmonica

Recording, Produced & Engineered By Frank Coakley Music
Produced And Arranged By Elijah Wald & The Musicians
Post Production At Wellspring Sound And JP Masters
Cover Painting By Howard Armstrong