I met Gretchen about 3 years ago and was amazed at how well she knew the old blues (Rhythm & Blues and Soul songs) for being so young. She has such an amazing voice. Jason & Noah are young, but they know how to play the blues. Again, my friend Steve was on board with his amazing guitar & slide playing. However, we cannot forget the amazing Dick Lourie; he’s played with Big Jack Johnson & also The G-Cleffs along with many others. He is a poet, has recorded his own music and also a talented writer. I love talking to Dick because he know so much history on the blues. He and his wife travel to Clarksdale, MS. many times a year and everyone there know him. I am proud to have him on my CD and also call him a friend. I had the pleasure of going to Clarksdale 2 years ago and can’t wait to go back. 

In January 2017, Juke Joint 5 released a new album Use That Spot with Lisa Marie as the new front-singer.  She's a great songwriter and creative person who's worked with Steve Coveny, also known as the talented Silverstone Steve.

Band Members:
Gretchen Bostrom: Vocals  (as featured on Rock This House)
Dick “The Poet” Lourie: Tenor Saxophone
Silvertone Steve: Guitars
Jason Adams: Bass
Noah Teshu: Drums

Lisa Marie: Vocals  (as featured on Use That Spot)

Produced By Gretchen Bostrom, Dick Lourie, Steve Coveney, Jason Adams & Noah Teshu
Recorded At The Record Company Roxbury, MA.
Engineered & Mastered By Jett Galindo
Mixed By Jett Galindo At Studio 12e Watertown, MA.