I’ve known Jack since 1959, back when he was known by his given name: John Lincoln Coughlin. He went to school in Malden MA. and I went to school in Saugus, MA. about 5 miles apart. Anyways, everybody in my class knew that I liked Jerry Lee Lewis and one day in the school library, a girl named Roberta Barrett ("Bobbie") started talking to me about him. I remember having a crush on her, but she never knew it even up to this day. She told me that her brother Eddie was a drummer in a band and invited me to her house to see them. Well, that’s when it all started because Jack was there singing like a young Jerry Lee, even with the long blonde hair. This band was amazing. Since that day, Jack and I have been friends. He recorded his first two albums for Rounder Records, then another on Solo Art out of New Orleans. Jack always wanted to do a Gospel album, so he and I talked it over and made an album. No studio and no engineers; I just put one microphone in the piano and one next to him for his vocals: simple and raw. 

Jack is the only musician on this project, just him and the piano.