I went to see this band in Worcester, MA. because my friend, Peter Cahill told me about them. I was impressed the first time I saw them. They all were so nice to be with and very professional. I introduced myself to them that night and asked them if they wanted to join the Black Rose family. They all agreed and here we are. Fay has such a great voice that is both powerful and just soulful. It was such a pleasure working with all of them. Although I haven’t talked with them since I moved to Nashville, I hope that they are doing well.

Band Members:
Fay Adams: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Jeff Adams: Vocals & Lead Guitar
Smilin’ Steve Stavropoulos: Bass Guitar
Donny Lavin: Hammond B3 Organ & Cork Pop
Bob Tula: Drums

Horn Arrangements: Scott Shelter
Scott Shelter: Tenor & Baritone Saxophone & Clarinet
Mimi Rabson: Electric Violin
Michael Peipman: Trumpet
Bill Carr & Ducky Carlisle: Gang Vocal

Produced & Engineered By Duckie Carlisle At Room 9 From Outer Space Mastered By Dana White At Specialized Mastering